Looking for a Velcro companion and a loving snuggly pug bug? That’s what you’ll get with Max, the gentlest, sweetest, most laid-back pug on the block.

Do you have kids? Visitors? Other dogs? Max will love them all up. In fact, he loves his peeps so much that he becomes anxious when they leave and cries and paces. Sometimes he has accidents in the house as a result. Also, the crate is not one of his favorite places on earth to be and seems to increase his anxiety even more. We prefer he only be left alone for a few hours, if at all, during the day. In fact, his ideal home is with people who are retired or who work from home.

Max’s mission in life is to hang with his peeps and that means following them wherever they go. He is submissive with other dogs, but as all pugs do, Max loves his food and should be separated from other dogs during feeding time.

His overall health is good but he’s on medication for two issues. He takes medicine to control inflammation in his trachea and Prozac for his anxiety.

Max was surrendered into rescue because his owner became ill and could no longer care for him. His foster Mom says:
“Max was very depressed when he came to me. He gets very attached to his person. He wants to be with them. It did take some time for him to adjust to my home. But now that he has, he is so sweet. He really needs a special home, one where he can be with his person as mush as possible. He is a sweet, gentle boy who loves belly rubs, neck rubs, and just plain companionship.