Devotion: that single word more than any other describes this very special girl who loves everyone she meets. It doesn’t matter how young or old, Meadow thrives when she has her peeps around her. Kids? We’re talking playmates and she loves them all. Cats? Mutual tolerance. There is just one “everyone” that doesn’t thrill her, and that’s other dogs. In other words, Meadow needs to be your one and only canine, and when she is, you’ll have a devotee for life.

As is true with many English bulldogs, Meadow is by nature a real couch potato. She would be content to cuddle up next to you and sleep the day away. But she also likes short walks around the neighborhood where she’ll become fascinated with all the new and “delicious” smells the world has to offer.

This healthy girl needs no special care except for frequent ear cleanings. We also recommend food for sensitive skin and stomach as bullies are prone to allergies.

Any home environment will be ideal for Meadow as long as she has her people to love and love her. She would love it if someone was home with her all day, but a noon-time walk would great if not. Better yet, bring her to work with you and she’ll be perfectly content to sleep at your feet all day.

Here’s what her foster Mom has to say about this special girl: “Meadow has already gone through so much for such a young girl and yet she still has so much love to give. In return, she deserves someone who can devote lots of time to help her feel secure and loved in return.”