“Moe is a great pup. With love and understanding he will be a great companion. He’s super-loving and just wants his person to know they are the best person in the world.”

Meet Moe, an easygoing guy who just tends to go with the flow! Your typical Velcro-pug, Moe loves to be with his people and is happy to be doing whatever you’re doing — as long as it doesn’t involve a long car ride. Moe also loves to shower his person in kisses – A LOT of kisses!

This sweet wrinkly-faced fellow came to SNORT when he started acting out due to a new baby in his home. Though he hasn’t been around children in his foster home, we’re told he was fine with the older child in his previous home.

Moe is good with other dogs, but when he’s nervous or jealous, he is not shy about letting them know. Though he’d likely prefer a home with no other dogs, a dog savvy owner would be able to keep him in check with his canine housemates. Like most dogs, Moe would benefit from some obedience training to help him understand what is expected of him.

At mealtime, Moe will sing the song of his people as soon as the kibble starts hitting the bowl! Arooooo! And since he loves his food so much, he will need to be fed separately from other dogs when eating or chewing his bone to prevent any sibling squabbles.

Moe is housebroken and healthy and ready find his forever home! Submit a SNORT adoption application today!