Mr. Tubbs

Mr. Tubbs
UPDATE 11/11/2019: Mr. Tubbs recently had an ultrasound revealing a mass on his spleen. Due to his advanced age and the nature of the mass, surgery is not an option, so Mr. Tubbs is now a SNORT Forever Foster and will be loved and spoiled by his foster home for the remainder of his days.
Introducing Mr. Tubbs a stunning, stocky French Bulldog that is sure to melt your heart!

This guy is pretty amazing. He simply wants to be loved. He is definitely a Velcro Frenchie, when his foster Mama leaves the house he simply sits by the door and waits without drama. Being in his human friends’ lap is not a necessity, but he likes to be in nearby. It has been heard he doesn’t care for large dogs but he recently met some backyard chickens and was completely unmoved. Mr. Tubbs loves to give paw, but he has difficulties keeping his balance due to his hind end issues. He just wants to show off that he is a loyal, loving boy.

Now that the vet has checked him out we know he suffers from: severe arthritis in his hips, completely dislocated hip (hip socket disintegrated), lenticular sclerosis, deafness, hypothyroidism, hookworm, skin issues, ground-down teeth, and a collapsing trachea! Despite all this, the little dude manages to follow his foster family around wherever he can (he cannot climb stairs, so must be carried) and has never had an accident in the house even though it’s all brand new to him. His bad eyesight and lack of hearing didn’t prevent him from learning our routine quickly and he’s been a great little guy — good manners, no barking, no destruction, no mess.

SNORT has gotten him a cart, which will arrive soon! He will be dynamic once that comes, we just know it! In his heart he is still a pup even though he is 13… you can see it in his eyes. Also, he’s super handsome. 🙂

If you’d like to help Mr. Tubbs with a donation to his care, he would be mighty thankful! Please tap a green button above to get started.