Noel is the perfect, and we mean PERFECT snug-a-bug-in-a-rug-or-bed. Her favorite activity? Lazing around in her dog bed, the couch, your bed, and preferably, always with you!

Noel love, love, loves her people and sometimes feels it’s her duty to protect them, especially when other dogs are around. This means Noel needs to be the only dog and she’ll devote her mind, body and soul to you 200%.

Her previous owner gave her up due to family illness, and because of this, Noel had been neglected. Her nails were overgrown and she suffered from skin, eye and ear infections. Noel is having frequent baths for the skin infection. Noel is getting cytopoint injections once a month to prevent itching.  She is also on grain-free food with venison, rabbit or fish to keep her allergies in control.

Being shut in a crate is not Noel’s thing and she needs to go outside after five to six hours for a potty break.  Noel also sometimes leaks at night, so she wears a diaper when she settles down for the night.

Noel’s favorite activity is to laze around, sleep, and curl up with her very own electric blanket if her peeps are not available. She is a sweet, cuddly easy-going girl and will thrive in any home without other dogs and young children.

Her foster mom says it best: “She is a sweet little bulldog that just wants to be warm, comfy, and loved. She would be a great companion to someone who is retired.” If you have room in your home and heart for Noel, please fill out an adoption application today.