Nyle is so excited to tell you that he is ready to move onto his forever home and can’t wait to start sorting through his applications!

First things first, Nyle is indeed named after the dashingly handsome, dapper, smart and deaf Nyle Dimarco, winner of Dancing with the Stars. Yes, our own Nyle is deaf! This means he startles easily and should not go to a home with children. He’s also very protective of his toys and doesn’t share well, which has led to bite incidents in the past, thus a bite waiver is required. And because he likes to let both people and fellow dogs know that his toys should not be touched, he must be placed in a home with either no other dogs or non-dominant dogs. He is untested with cats.

As long as his deafness and love of toys is taken into consideration, this guy is a gem! Nyle’s foster family describes him as outgoing, friendly and active. And smart, too! He is cratetrained and housetrained and is learning hand signals. In fact, he’s super excited to be able to finally communicate with his people! And in between playtime with his toys, he is an expert snuggler, as well.

Nyle has no chronic health concerns and does not need someone home all day. He would be fine alone during the day or with a petsitter.

So what type of home is Nyle dreaming of? He’d love a fenced-in yard in the suburbs so he can explore, and an adult-only family without frequent visitors from children would be best. And of course, a family that can supply him a steady stream of toys!

We know Nyle’s perfect forever home is out there and we can’t wait to find it for him!