We know no dog is perfect, but Miss Oreo comes really, really close, so get those applications ready!

Oreo is just two years-old and ready to find her forever home. She was surrendered when her previous owner developed allergies and Oreo’s foster family has come to learn she’s going to fit in with just about any family in any environment!

There are a lot of things Oreo loves – treats, toys, walks. She is an expert cuddler on the couch with both humans and other dogs. Thus far she has only been exposed to larger dogs but it’s safe to say she’d do well with dogs of all sizes and a forever home with a canine companion or two would be ideal for her. She is also great with children and untested with cats.

Oreo is super smart, too, and is easily trained, especially when treats are involved! She is housetrained and cratetrained, although she no longer needs the crate. She knows to walk to the back door when she has to go outside to take care of business and can go the majority of the day without a break. She can get a bit excited, but she is still young and again, very receptive to training.

A fenced-in yard is required but outside of that, she’d do well in any kind of home or neighborhood. Her ideal family would have at least two people (she loves attention and playtime!) and at least one other dog. Oreo has no chronic health concerns or special needs.

Oreo is about as perfect as they come and can’t wait to settle into her forever home.