Picture this: a cold, snowy night, a blazing fire in the fireplace, and two precious, elderly Boston Terriers sleeping peacefully at your feet or by your side. Emmy and Oscar, our bonded pair, won’t demand much – food, water, and an occasional diaper change. But what they’ll give is much more: unconditional love and countless kisses and cuddles.

Oscar and Emmy came into rescue for no fault of their own. Sadly, their owner became ill and could no longer care for them. Both of these babies are deaf and Emmy has scoliosis and skin issues for which she takes pain medications and a bath twice a week. She is frail and her mobility is limited, so we need a home without small children. Other than his deafness, Oscar is a healthy boy.

Because they spend most of their days sleeping, any type of home environment would work for them: city, suburb, rural, apartment, townhouse or single family home. They would also do well with a single person, older couple, or young couple.

As a bonded pair, Oscar has made it his job to look after Emmy. But their age is showing and they need looking after by their people. Emmy needs to be carried down stairs to go out and she also falls down frequently. They do need to go out often so the ideal situation would be someone who is home during the day to take them for potty breaks.

The bottom line with this special pair is this: Oscar and Emmy deserve a home that allows them to retire. They really just want a home that is happy to look after their needs. Does that describe you? If so, submit a SNORT adoption application today!