Pork Chop

Pork Chop

Now,  we all know you took one look and you fell in love with Pork Chop.  We all did. However, it is important that this Princess knows you took the time to read her entire bio and understand her needs to see if you are the perfect fit.

Pork Chop, or PC for short, was surrendered due to having hyperplasia pylorus (say that 3 times fast). Hyperplasia Pylorus is muscular thickening of the sphincter muscle between the stomach and the small intestine which obstructs the digested food from passing to the small intestines.

PC was successfully treated by surgical correction and now is in the recovery stage. Currently PC takes omeprazole (you may know it also as Prilosec) every morning before meals. She needs to stay on wet food ( 4 -5 small meals a day) for another 5 weeks during her recovery. Otherwise, she is progressing nicely and her dietary needs will evolve to normal eating habits.

PC also has grade 2 Luxating Patellas in both back knees with the left leg being slightly more noticeable. Being that it is grade 2, currently, simply needs to be watched over the years as she grows, to see if she could need surgery or it remains the same. It is helpful for her to stand on a rug when eating or drinking so it doesn’t slide out. This can also be puppy absentmindedness when happily eating or drinking. You know, how we all get when distracted. It does not stop her at all!  It was also mentioned that she has Spina Bifida and as most experienced Frenchie owners know, this is seen quite often in this breed. PC also does have a right head tilt most of the time and it just adds to her charm.

PC is working on her potty training, and with a routine-oriented family, this should be no problem. She will need to be let out 4 to 5 times a day, at the very least,  as she learns her potty skills. Someone who is home all day is preferable or can accommodate someone doing this will be necessary.

PC’s must haves are a few furry siblings to call her own.  Preferably some younger ones who can keep up with her energy to play all day.

PC could live with either a single person or a couple or a family.  She is the most congenial dog and will enjoy the company of humans as long as there are furry ones as well.  She would love a fenced in backyard but is ok on the leash as well.

Her adoptive family should be Frenchie experienced and prepared to deal with any future medical issues she can have as most Frenchies do.

As best said by her foster family:  “She is a very happy and social puppy. Definitely mischievous and learning what NOT to chew on, like any puppy.

Will you be the one to give this sweet, loving girl the home of her dreams – with energetic furry siblings? Are you the perfect companion for this bundle of joy? If so, apply through S.N.O.R.T, today!