🎶 “Oooooooooonnnnnnllllllyy yyooooooouuuuu” 🎶 – alas, that’s where Rizzo’s (aka Smudgey) singing ability ends.


Rizzo is looking for the “one” as her partner in life.  She was going to be taken to a shelter by the people who purchased her but a sweet woman,  who already had 4 dogs, stepped in to save her. This nice lady realized she was more than she could handle, with all of the other dogs, so she did the best thing and got her into SNORT rescue to find her the perfect home.


Rizzo loves to play and at the same time she can be a couch potato. She loves her giggle ball (you may not as much after 20 minutes of the giggles). She will chase her ball and play toys until she gets tired. Then she will lay down and nap. During the day at her foster mom’s house, she snoozes most of the day. She loves to sit and cuddle with you on the couch. She plays fine with the resident Frenchie and Pug however Rizzo has food aggression towards other dogs. Hence – why ideally in her new home, she would love to be your one and only love.

Because of her food aggression, if there are any other dogs, she will need to be fed separately.  She would really love to find her forever home where she doesn’t even have to worry about it. She will let humans touch her bowl when she is eating, so the aggression is only towards other dogs, if they come near her bowl. She also must also receive treats in a separate area, if another dog is present.

Rizzo is a very smart cookie. She learned the doggie door within a day. She goes in and out herself to go potty and when the doggie door is closed, she will cry that she wants to go out. She is also very quick to learn puzzle toys. Rizzo will sit when you tell her to sit and then give her a treat.

While a fenced in yard is recommended, it would not be a requirement if the home takes her on regular walks or is located near a dog park or a fenced in area where she can run. She is still a puppy, so if you are to leave her for a bit of time alone in the house, she should get her own room or exercise pen area.

She loves people and when she gets a little older, we believe she would do great going to work with someone. However, at this young age, she is stimulated by everything and just wants to please people.…so she might be a little too active for you to get anything done.

She has no medical issues and is a healthy girl.

Rizzo is a very loving special little girl that deserves the best home.  She wants to be a part of everything you do. She will give you kisses and cuddle with you. If you raise your voice to her, she will roll over or cower. She is sensitive.  As mentioned, Rizzo would do best in a home where she is the only dog or only one other dog that has a very tolerant personality  – but an applicant with no other dog would be ideal. She needs guidance from an experienced dog owner. If you are looking for that champion cuddler/snuggler, Rizzo is the dog for you. She will follow you wherever you are in the house.

Her favorite activities include, but are not limited to,  snoozing on the couch with you, then playing, then back on the couch, then playing…. you get the picture.  Side note: Rizzo really loves men.  Actually, she really loves all humans, but she has a weakness for men…..Brad Pitt – where are you?

So, in summary her ideal home would have adults, perhaps a smaller mid-sized human (over 5 years), a fenced in yard, lots of toys and a comfy couch and lots of attention. She deserves it – don’t you think.

Are you her main squeeze?