Pssst! Lookit! A teensy little Pug has found her way into SNORT!

This itty bitty baby is the beautiful Rue. Rue is a tiny 10 1/2 lbs and it is said that she is 6 months old. Rue-girl loooooves her people – it’s a Pug thing as we’ve come to notice! Baby Rue sleeps  soundly through the night and doesn’t have accidents in her crate while the humans are away. She is house-trained and has not had any accidents recently.

Rue loves to run in the yard as well as play with her stuffed toys. She really enjoys toting around her little stuffed toys in her mouth. She is very content and enjoys playing in an exercise pen if her foster Mama is cooking or doing things around the house. Rue gets along with the other dogs in the household and the dogs like her back because she likes to “just hang out”. She doesn’t get in their faces like some puppies would. There are no cats in the house, but there is a bird and Rue has no interest in him.

As far as medical concerns, Rue does have an anal stricture and requires she eat canned dog food and take medication. This condition should be resolved following several  dialations done by the vet.

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