Friendly and sweet, Suzie enjoys all people and other dogs, especially those near her “mature adult” age group. After all, puppies can be such fusspots and noise makers. Tagging along with the laid back dogs and following people is much more to her liking. In fact, Suzie considers it her purpose to follow and supervise the humans. Suzie doesn’t have any interest in cats.  During the day, Suzie-Q enjoys greeting other dogs and taking naps at the Vet’s office near Philadelphia while foster mom works.

After work, a short romp in the yard and a snuggle on the couch with her person tops off Suzie’s perfect day.

Suzie would ideally like a happily-ever-after home with another flat faced best pal and a fenced yard and a person to dote over her. Suzie will need help losing weight.  Proud to accomplish a 1 pound weight loss in foster care, Suzie’s new goal is to lose 5 more pounds, She’ll need the encouragement of a personal human trainer.  She also will need daily medicated wipes to keep her at her most beautiful.

As a 10 year old, Suzie dreams of a forever home with little or no stairs.  A bit of arthritis settled in over the years so short walks or short bursts of exercise in the air conditioning (and metered kibble of course) would be the best way to work off the extra pounds in Suzie’s opinion.

As her foster mom says “I’d love to see Suzie in a home with at least one other dog. Maybe another pug. Someone who is retired or works from home would be ideal or someone who can take her to work. She needs to be in a home with little to no stairs or someone who is comfortable picking her up because of her weight. She does like to go on short walks. She loves wandering around the yard. She definitely needs a yard. She can’t walk very far. A home that just spoils her rotten with love not food. She also would love to sleep in the bed with you at night.”

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