Are you looking for absolute love and adoration (in a healthy way)? A loyal, faithful lovebug who wants nothing more than to be by your side (but can also give you space – like 2 inches)? No need to look further because Tank is your man.

Tank is a very devoted boy (again, devoted in the healthy relationship kind of way) who will follow you to the ends of the earth (like really) and would prefer a home where he can be your one and only furry partner so that he can keep his people all to himself. If you have children, Tank will be all over them with jumps and kisses since he’s a big boy and can knock down little ones with his enthusiasm – so please keep that in mind. He would love some older kids to call his very own. Or just you. Perfect. You can sit and watch Lifetime Drama movies or Football together. He is just happy to be with you.

Tank has a strong affinity for blankets – as a meal – so he cannot have any blankets in his bedding or crate and your clothes need to not be laying around. (AKA Tank needs someone who has followed Marie Kondo and keeps a neat home). Otherwise, without your supervision, he may decide to cook up a meal of blankets and socks. Not good for digestion or your relationship.

Tank came into rescue through no fault of his own. His owners could not afford his medical care and made the difficult, but best, decision for Tank to come into SNORT Rescue. He has had intestinal blockages requiring surgical intervention and is now on a low cost medication to treat his inflammatory bowel disease as well as being on a specific diet and is a very happy boy (like – long lost reunion with your family member who turns out lived next door all this time and was actually Santa Claus – happy).

Tank is an easy dog now that his health issues are under control. SNORT took care of getting him all fixed up for you. He wants nothing more than to cuddle on the couch with his people and follow them wherever they go. If you work at home, he’ll be lying at your feet all day. If you can bring dogs to work, he is a perfect candidate as the sole office mascot. He wouldn’t mind you telling him all your secrets. He promises not to tell. Even if it is that you watch a lot of Lifetime Movies. That’s between you and him.

“Tank is an unbelievably easy dog. He is a great listener, will do almost anything for food and he loves giving kisses. He is one of the easiest dogs I’ve ever dealt with.” – Tank’s Foster Mom

This couch cuddling, face kissing, velcro dog could be the perfect dog for you. Now, are you the perfect human for him?