Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

“There are dizzy daffodils on the hillside, Strings of violets are all in tune
Tiger lilies love the dandy lions In the golden afternoon.”

– All in the Golden Afternoon, Disney songs

Meet Tiger Lily. She is your very own golden girl of love. She is loving, feisty and self assured. Tiger Lily doesn’t have the use of her back legs and is learning to use a cart to get around. Though she doesn’t yet have full command of the cart, it is helping her to gain strength while she practices. She is incontinent and needs to have her bladder expressed during the day. (This is not that hard to do). She needs to be kept clean and cared for as she has a tendency to develop chronic UTI’s. Having someone home would be a benefit since she can’t clean herself and needs to have “clean up” when she urinates or relieves herself. She would also do fine going into the office with you. She loves people. She is not aggressive with dogs or cats however does not really care for them either. She wants her people!! Tiger Lily can wear diapers and/or be kept on puppy pads.

Tiger Lily would do well with “homebodies” or possibly retirees. Older children could be a possibility. She needs a loving home that wants to make her a very important part of the family. She wants to have loving attention. Tiger Lily would enjoy a life in a quiet home where she can be near her people and take naps. She even knows “time for bed”. She is a professional napper. She will occasionally chew on a nylabone but doesn’t play with toys. You are her focus.

Tiger Lily would love to be taken on walks through the neighborhood in a dog stroller or wagon. She is a wonderful senior that benefits from having stimulation exploring the neighborhood. She enjoys receiving attention from people. She truly believes (and should be) the queen of her kingdom! She doesn’t need constant attention but she does enjoy it. Her foster family reports she has the softest coat they’ve have ever experienced! Tiger Lily says its meant for petting.

In summary, Tiger Lily loves spending time with her family, going for strolls and taking naps. She would be a great buddy to binge watch shows with. Are you her forever golden afternoon?