Don’t I look good in red? This is my glamour shot. My name is Token and I’m a uniquely colored tan Boston Terrier. I like everyone that I meet and especially like to cuddle with my people friends. I was mainly a breeding dog in my prior life but now I’m looking forward to relaxing and living the dream instead of fussing over puppies all the time. They’re exhausting. At just 6 years old, I am in the prime of my life and have a lot to offer. I was born on June 24, 2011. I’m being fostered in Powhatan, VA.

I sleep with my foster parents and the French Bulldogs. Foster mom describes me as a real character. She smiles when she says it, so I’m fairly certain it’s the highest praise a dog can get from a person. I’m very submissive by nature and non vocal. People describe me as sweet tempered, eager to please and non-destructive. I’m also active and enjoy a healthy exercise regime of leash walking and romping in the yard each day.

I’m crate trained and get along well with dogs of all sizes and with cats. I’ve lived with children in the past and prefer a home without really tiny tykes. Adults only is just fine with me too. My ideal home would be a bit on the quiet side because I’m a timid gal. Loud noises are scary to me. I am also a bit of an athlete and like to climb and jump up on things. I have figured out how to climb over the chain link fence in my foster home. For some reason that brings a gasp instead of a smile from the foster people. As a result, they’ve decided to helicopter parent me and put me on a leash in the yard. I do not require a fence, but if you have a fence, a privacy fence, or something taller and not a chain link variety best for my safety.

My homework according to foster ma is leash work and outside potty work. (now you see why I need the red sweater!) No worries…I am equal to learning these tasks and more. I just need a patient hand to lead me since this is new stuff in my world. I’m doing very well on my homework and I am 75% potty trained at this point. I am getting daily walks and my leash skills are showing great improvement. My skill set also includes several commands including: sit, wait, off, stop and I listen when called. I am eager to please my people, which makes my lessons a snap. After my lesson plan, we can sit together on the sofa. I’m just 16 pounds, which makes me a perfect lap dog.

Did I forget to mention that I passed my wellness check with flying colors? I have no special needs and do not require any medication.

If you are looking for a walking companion who also likes to snuggle with you at night, fill out a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application for me today!