Vincent. This sweet sweet soul needs you. Yes you… you know who you are.

You’re that that person who likes to have the sun hit your face and you close your eyes and then you just sigh and smile….. see Vincent never saw the sun till 4 months ago when he came to his foster home and that’s the first thing he did the first time he went for a walk outside…. in the fresh air….. Well it wasn’t just him it was him and his bonded brother Theo.

Unfortunately Theo didn’t get to spend anymore time in this world but he made his foster family promise to find his brother the best forever family as his last wish.

Vincent loves to be with his people or his pets. He doesn’t have one mean bone in his body. He likes consistency and loves to sleep. He is a very mellow guy.

Some things about Vincent. He is sweet and quiet. He has never made a peep. He is also deaf but has a clock that will tell you when every meal is due. He loves to chew a bone. He needs you reminding him how awesome he is… because his brother used to tell him.

Vincent is doing so much better on his house breaking – see – he came from only living in a crate in a basement and never learned outside from inside till now. He is doing so well and so wants to be clean.

He’s also had some struggles with a sensitive stomach (IBD) but his foster family helped figure out his his best food and treats and if you keep up a routine he will be a perfect companion and is doing very well! He also takes an OTC pill daily that has helped him with seasonal allergies. He would do well with someone home all the time or someone who can take him with them- he would love to greet everyone – perhaps simply from his bed with a nod – he will never be overly anxious or rude… unless you are his person. Then he could run under your feet.

Top forever homes in no particular order ( directly from Vincent)

  • Cross country haul driver who can take me with them
  • Yoga instructor who lets me sit in front as I love to ohhhhmmmmm
  • Retail shop owner who I may or may not greet customers depending on how tired I am.
  • Someone who works from home and has a good bed next to them for me

I am truly a mellow fellow. I would enjoy some dog connection – my favorite foster here is a young deaf sibling who cuddles – she gets me. But better yet you, yes you – that person who likes the sun to hit your face ….